Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Overcoming Obstacles in Business

There’s no perfect strategy for business success.  Oftentimes business owners or more likely young entrepreneurs just starting out face many obstacles on the road to attaining their goals.  No new business owner won’t face challenges, plain and simple, but there’s no reason you can’t overcome those challenges.  As you start a new venture there will be failures along the way but there will also be great rewards and successes.  So how can you rise above and overcome obstacles in business?

First off, surround yourself with positive people and creative thinkers.  “This is a great way to overcome the inevitable hurdles and obstacles you will face as an entrepreneur.”  Ignore outside negative influencers and the naysayers who say you can’t do something you know and believe in your gut you can.  Have faith in your abilities and your vision.  Build up a strong network of people that believe in you.  Surround yourself with positive people that will help you focus on achieving your dreams even when things seem tough.

Keep plugging away, or as they say: “Keep on truckin!”  Oftentimes it’s easy to get down on yourself or fill your head with doubt as you move your business forward.  As a young business owner, every day will be filled with challenges – you must venture into uncharted territory, overcome new obstacles and face new adversaries.  Give yourself a gut check once in a while; go back to your roots; re-analyze why you started up your business in the first place.  Dig deep and keep moving forward.  If you believe in yourself, others will too.

Look for new solutions to everyday problems.  Keep trying regardless.  When faced with business obstacles, if you keep trying, even through the tough times, you’ll be forced to examine alternate solutions to new problems.  Be persistent.

See your obstacles as a chance for inspiration and new ways of thoughts and processes.  “Obstacles are just feedback from reality.”  Obstacles can be valuable and teach you how to readjust your strategy, tweak your brand and redefine a product.  Obstacles can be seen as “good thinking partners.”  Obstacles bring to light adjustments you must make in order to be a success.

As Nike said: “Just do it!”  Oftentimes an entrepreneur’s biggest roadblock to success is the fear of failure.  Business owners get stressed knowing that their income and livelihood depend on whether or not they can make a go of their venture.  Don’t let fear take charge of every decision you make.

Find a way or make things happen for yourself.  Even if you have a mentor and great employees, no one is going to give you the ultimate formula for success.  You need to make it a reality all on your own.  Learn to preserve and make things happen on your own whether that’s through networking or branching out into social media or keeping yourself informed of daily market trends.

Keep a positive attitude and combine it with action.  This is the best way to see solid results. Take some time for yourself once in a while so that you can recharge your battery and think more clearly.  This will bring the important things into focus.

Use your brain power.  “Your brain often does not fully distinguish between a real and imagined thought, so use its power to imagine what it looks like when you have overcome an obstacle successfully.”  Examine problems thoroughly and ask yourself how you can work through them carefully that leads to a successful outcome. 

Get another perspective.  Entrepreneurs tend to be problem solvers and when faced with obstacles or limitations they look to find solutions.  That said, they can’t always find their own.  Look to others (whether it be a mentor, friend, colleague or employee) and ask them how they might overcome an obstacle you are currently facing.  Listen to others and really “hear” them.  Outside perspectives can spark creativity and new ways of doing things that can be more effective in the long run.  

Take baby steps.  Don’t just jump right into your new venture head first and without thinking.  Plan carefully.  Think about the future and your long-term goals.  Don’t allow roadblocks to stand in your way of success and hinder your progress.  Think of small ways to overcome big problems.

Build a successful team of people around you.  Make smart hiring decisions.  Bring on people that are motivated and will add value to your business.  Ask how new hires can help you grow.  Listen to their thoughts and opinions and you just might discover new ways of doing things.

Lastly and most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it most.  There’s no shame in reaching out to others for motivation or inspiration.  Running a business doesn’t mean you have to run it alone! 

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